Image: Récrolie Earring (Clip) #1200
950 Platinum
Image: Récrolie Pendant #3770
950 Platinum
Image: Récrolie Ring #5225
750 Yellow Gold
Image: Récrolie Bracelet #4216-2
750 Champagne Gold

When the form of a piece of jewelry is not only a delight for the eyes but also for the fingertips …
… then it has to be a piece from the récrolie line with the unmistakable surface structure reminiscent of reptile skin.

Puristic yet harmoniously rounded forms which give the impression of being light and flexible. The extraordinary appeal of the finest of precious metals with exotically structured surfaces and in the loveliest of colors, from warm yellows and extravagant champagne gold (both 18 carats) to cool, white platinum.
Tiny, individually mounted brilliants (flawless, finest white or color treated) each have 56 facets that furnish sparkling highlights – like tiny dewdrops on the skin. They are positioned differently on each piece and are available in any number and color – a design factor that makes every piece of jewelry as distinctive as a fingerprint.
Brilliant, pear or marquise cut larger diamonds (up to 0.50 ct) used in rings are enclosed by an innovative cut down setting.

Each creation in the product line – whether for finger, arm, neck, ear or as a pin – is crafted from a single piece, covered inside and out with a structure that has an organic feel. This especially individualized design is created by hand in extremely fine chasing and makes every single piece absolutely unique.
The sensual experience of this palpably independent form is complemented by the innovative cape setting for the small brilliants, whose burled interiors offer yet more opportunities for discovery to the touch.

No hand-crafted récrolie pieces are alike. Not only does each one have a unique look and a sensuous feel, but each also has the possessive appeal of being one of a kind.
A compliment to the individuality of the soul.